Young farming stars shine at Malvern for 2019 event

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This year’s National Young Stars event once again saw young agricultural enthusiasts descend on the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, for two days of competition in various cattle, sheep, pig and butchery sections.

Commenting on the event at the prize giving ceremony, event chairman Neil Lloyd said, “The standard of youngsters competing at this year’s event was certainly impressive to witness. Many that have competed in the past have certainly come back stronger and the work these teams put in over the two days, not to mention in the run up to the event is to be commended. They’re a credit to their sponsors, families and the industry.”

The event, which is hugely supported by headline sponsors Allflex UK and Barclays Bank, saw more than 100 youngsters aged between eight and 26 years of age compete in various competitions including stockjudging, show preparation, ring craft, public speaking, marketing and publicity and industry knowledge, making this event a standalone national platform for agriculture’s next generation.

Coming through as winners of the trimmed sheep section and taking the Royal Smithfield Club trophy for the most points awarded in all sections across the event was the Backstreet Blues Blue Texel team consisting of Ted Lloyd, Herefordshire, Jack Bodily, Monmouthshire and Harvey Heath, Derbyshire.

Harvey Heath, Jack Bodily and Ted Lloyd of the Backstreet Blues team
The Backstreet Blues also won the trophy for the best points across the show, sponsored by The Royal Smithfield Club.

Runners up in their section last year, this team impressed judges Will Price and Louise Crowther with their teamwork, trimming and showmanship skills, with Jack Bodily also coming out top in the sheep stockjudging section under judge Geoff Probert.

The Rocking Romney team in front of their marketing and publicity team which was judged as the best across the livestock categories

Winning the untrimmed sheep section having made the journey up from Kent was the Rocking Romney team consisting of Amy Langdon, Megan Clifford and Chloe Lovejoy exhibiting their pair of Romney shearling ewes.

The Rocking Romney team of Chloe Lovejoy, Amy Langdon and Megan Clifford, won the Untrimmed sheep section. Pictured with British Wool Marketing Board sponsor Laura Johnson.

This team also came away with the trophy for the best marketing and presentation stand across the event. This particular element of the competition sees the teams put together a presentation area detailing information about their sponsors and themselves as individuals, all in line with the theme of the 2019 event “Your journey to National Young Stars.” They impressed judges with their detailed yet creative outline of their plans and preparation in order to get to the event, as well as their use of visuals and take away material relevant to the Romney breed.

Meanwhile, the cattle section of the event saw a change from previous years whereby just two competitors made up the team, rather than three in the sheep and pig sections. Leading the way here was the Aberdeen-Angus team of Kian Frain, Cornwall and Robyn Westcott, Somerset, under the name of the De Ja Moo team. This team excelled under judges Pete Bodily, Thomas Corbett and Ben Bellew with their clipping and presentation skills as well as their confident yet calm show ring ability.

The winning Beef Team – De Ja Moo, with Robyn Westcott and Kian Frain
The De Ja Moo team in action in their ring craft competition

In the untrimmed/dual purpose cattle section Rachel Armour, Co Londonderry and Alanna Bloomer, Co Tyrone, competed under the Mighty Moilies team with a pair of Irish Moiled heifers.

The Mighty Moilies in action at the event

Having travelled over from Northern Ireland to collect their heifers in Moffat, Scotland and then attend the event at Malvern, these girls certainly put the effort in to attend and that was rewarded by coming through on top of this section and Rachel being selected alongside Robyn Westcott and Hannah Baldwin, who came third in her team in the trimmed section, to attend the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto Canada representing Team UK.

Rachel Armour and Alanna Bloomer of the Mighty Moilies team which won the Untrimmed / Dual Purpose section

Yet again the event welcomed two teams competing from Canada as part of an exchange relationship with the National Young Stars and Canada’s 4H youth movement; The Canadian Cowgirls and The Royal Canucks. 

The Canadian Cowgirls
The Royal Canucks

In the pig sections, the Massey Diva team of Grace Bretherton, Lancashire and sisters Charlotte and Eve Ashcroft, Lincolnshire, once again retained their title for the third consecutive year. Judges for this section Hayley Loveless and Alice Newth were impressed with the full skill set of the Massey Divas, particularly with their remarkable stockjudging and handling skills. 

The Massey Diva winning pig team

New to the pig section for 2019 was a separate pig section for schools to enter with the Hairy Trotter and the Chamber of Stronans coming out on top here. This team, representing St Ronans School, Cranbrook, consisted of Cordelia Erikson, Lizzie Hues and Ruby Morris.  

Hairy Trotter and the Chamber of Stronans, winning school pig team.

Alongside the livestock competitions, AHDB and the Royal Smithfield Club support a butchery competition which saw Jess Pugh of the Ludlow Food Centre once again retain her title under judges Viv Harvey and Martin Eccles.

Jess Pugh of the Ludlow Food Centre being put through her paces

This is now the third consecutive time Jess has won this competition and she impressed the judges with her natural flare and ease of skill and her creative use of cuts. Runner up this year in the butchery section was Luke Stewart from Ledbury, Herefordshire-based butchers D T Waller.

To view all the winners from the competition take a look here.  


Trimmed sheep:

  • The Backstreet Blues – Ted Lloyd, Jack Bodily and Harvey Heath
  • Kerry Hill Young Breeders – Ptolemy Ridge, Paige Misslebrook and Rose Bostock
  • Hampshire Downs Traditionally Trending – Stephen Short, Amy Byford and Alfie Challoner
  • Ryeland Young Breeders – Philippa Gray, Harry Watson and Charlotte Ellis

Untrimmed sheep:

  • The Rocking Romneys – Chloe Lovejoy, Amy Langdon and Megan Clifford
  • Badger Beauties – Sean Jeffreys, Ellie Layton and Rhys Mills
  • Team Jacobs – Charlotte Heaven, Caitlin Carpenter and Abigail Higginson
  • The Blue Avengers – Chloe Ann Edwards, Libby Arrowsmith and Cameron Cormack


  • De Ja Moo – Kian Frain and Robyn Westcott
  • Canadian Cowgirls – Kaitlin Cavanagh and Abigail Anderson
  • The Wot Wots – Hannah Baldwin and Oliver Spence
  • Royal Canucks – Brent Clysdale and Reegan Sawyer

Dual Purpose/Untrimmed cattle:

  • The Mighty Moilies – Rachel Armour and Alanna Bloomer
  • Futures Bright – Rebecca Towler and Millie Bennet


  • Massey Divas – Grace Bretherton, Charlotte Ashcroft and Eve Ashcroft
  • Sizzling Saddlebacks – Darcy Pascoe, Merryn Philp and Susanna Mearns
  • Blackops Trio – Peter Sykes, Connie Dallaway and Charlotte Gill
  • The Tamworth Trio – Olivia Holtom, Dorothy Hathaway and Holly Williams

Pigs (Schools):

  • Hairy Trotters and the Chamber of Stronans – Cordelia Erikson, Lizzie Hues and Ruby Morris
  • Sausage Saints – Ted Hazebrook, Harry Arden and Jonny Andrew
  • Elms School Tripple Trotters – Sarah Levings, Evie Hickman and Will Hooper
  • Elms School Mission Pigpossible – George Morgan-Jones, Rollo Llewellyn and Ollie Hooper


  • Jess Pugh, Ludlow Food Centre
  • Luke Stewart, D T Waller, Ledbury

Under 16 Award:

            Sheep Trimmed – Harvey Heath

            Sheep Untrimmed – Chloe Lovejoy

            Dual Purpose – Millie Bennet and Rebecca Towler

            Pig – Elin Hayes




Event Enquiries

Neil Lloyd – Event Chairman T: 07970 061796

Tessa Warby – Event Coordinator at Three Counties (and Sponsorship and Trade enquiries). T: 01684 584917  E:

PR & Marketing

Chrissie Long T: 07909 524483 E: